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We are sure that our valued Viewers and Readers know newsxtra.in is a dedicated web portal to cover crime, Cultural, Political and daytoday interests, mainly of Odisha. newsxtra in doing such noble contribution to the Society only in the larger interest of our State.

Therefore, newsxtra.in depends largely on the materials available in the public domain, noncopyrighted materials and from Government and nonGovernment sources. In addition to have wider and faster coverage newsxtra.in has dedicated volunteer reporters in major cities and block levels of the State of Odisha.

With the passage of time and growing acceptance of our style of news, newsxtra.in has also decided to accommodate news items and creative articles, development stories of our State and from other areas too through email or fax.

We are fascinated to provide 24×7 service provided there should be uninterrupted of power supply, server and net connectivity. Under any unwanted and unavoidable circumstances newsxtra is helpless. No one should complain in this regard and we are no way answerable.

newsxtra team is in the process of engaging representatives of some unrepresented areas and also developing a policy to discourage personal propaganda or any self oriented stories and other potentially controversial news without any authentic verification. However, newsxtra always encourages to our valued readers to send news items as a news contributor on development activities (i.e; Health Tips,coocking, Achievements, Personality and articles of interest) where the copyright remains with the sender. newsxtra.in will not take any responsibility for the content and use. The matter received by us through either ways is sole property of concern senders, until and unless mentioned by newsxtra.

Any person other than our team of journalists mentioned in our site under the heading OUR TEAM, is not considered as our authorized journalists. In any way if anything raised question marks to the management from them would not be entertained or the management be held responsible.

Management will also not be responsible or answerable if any of our members of our team is found to be indulged in criminal activities, cheating, black mailing or things which are going against law. In that matter law will take its due course of action

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This site is solely Owned by newsxtra, if Any Legal disputes are subject to Bramhapur(Odisha) Juridiction only.